Friday, 21 October 2011

Waitrose bike trailer review

My local Waitrose hires bike trailers so I took the plunge and used one for my fortnightly shop. (Link includes list of branches which offer this)

It was simple. I booked the trailer the day before from the Welcome Desk. Today I scanned in my shopping as I went round the store with the Quick Check system to simplify life. Back at the desk I paid, filled in the rental agreement (hire is free) and one of the staff helped me fix the trailer to my bike. Bags into the trailer (loads of room - it will hold a small trolley worth), and after a trial run around the car park, it was ho for the open road!

A British design, the Bike Hod trailer was well-behaved, easy to tow the 3 miles home.

Despite the large relative size of the trailer, my bike stayed in charge

Not wishing to re-enact Last of the Summer Wine, I walked down the hill!

In fact the biggest drama was getting the trailer up the stairs to my flat - it’s built to just fit the British Standard doorway (who knew there was such a thing?)

Verdict: A great free scheme which I'll be using again

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  1. Very cool! Wish we had a Waitrose closer to try this, but Southport, Formby and Knutsford are all too far.